J.J. Dunlap plays original “Just for Show” at The Mint LIVE for a special taping.

SCNTRN v Portishead (Roads Cover)

SCNTRN - “Roads” Live

SCNTRN’s live cover of Portishead’s “Roads” from their warehouse in Los Angeles.

"Chemical King"

An original song written  by J.J. Dunlap, performed live at The Pig n' Whistle.



An original song written by J.J. Dunlap.


"Just for Show"

An original song written and performed by J.J. Dunlap.  It was used in the short film "Always" where J.J. performs the song live as John Fontana Jr.


Radiohead "I Will" A Capella Cover

J.J.'s a cappella cover of Radiohead's "I Will" from the album  Hail to the Thief.


The Black Keys "I Got Mine" Cover

J.J.'s "cover" of The Black Keys' "I Got Mine" is something out of a Reggie Watts chapter as he beatbox's, loops and sings his way through one of the rock duo's more prominent hits.