Comedy Reel.

I guess you're assuming a lot by titling it that.


Office Idiots.

Two idiots discuss a current event and how much money they could possibly make.



A young man is more in love with his food than his women.


Sam & JAM.

YouTube Parodying Youtube.  Sam & Jam's Epically Awesome YouTube channel is a channel like NO other. These two wild and crazy kids really know how to show the audience a good time!


The Breaking Bad Soundboard.

An album of songs inspired by the last 8 episodes of the AMC series Breaking Bad, written and performed by J.J. Dunlap.


Sports Fan.

An average football game BBQ turns into a wild ride when a newb goes to great lengths to fit in with the fellas.



A mockumentary about the vapid and misguided contestants and host of a poorly ranked reality singing show.  Selection of NFFTY 2013.


Spoiled Potatoes.

Two film fanatics review Hunger Games "Catching Fire" in this episode of Spoiled Potatoes Movie Spoiler.


Tech Talk: SONY'S NEW 4D TV.

Feel the surroundings of your favorite programs from the comfort of your own couch.


Over Zombies.

As four people defend off a zombie horde, one of the crew has grown tired of how mainstream zombies have become.


COPS: Where Are They Now?

Take an up close and personal look into the world of "reformed" law breakers from the COPS TV series in COPS: Where Are They Now?  In this 2013 TV Episode, Mark Dunlap gives us a candid look into his life these days.